La Calavera Pizza

About us

Thank you for finding our family business! Whether you know La Calavera from our earlier days as a bakery offering sourdough bread and treats, found us in your quest for Atlanta's best pie, or noticed a tempting pizza aroma coming from a little brick house in your neighborhood... however you got here, we are glad and grateful. We're putting our years of breadmaking experience into this food, and we really hope ya like it. Take a look below at some exciting new changes to our menu, and don't forget to check it often to see what's new.

We really appreciate your support! Shop your farmers markets and small businesses, please; we are all so lucky to be part of a rich and delicious local food economy. It's where the best stuff is to be found, and you and yours deserve THE BEST!

Muchas gracias.

Eric, Dale, Helio and Lala